Fredonia Schools – USD 484

yellowjackets_Located just 90 miles East of Wichita is Fredonia, home of the Yellow Jackets and three accredited schools. The 3A school district educates approximately 700 students a year within three buildings: Lincoln Elementary, Fredonia Middle School and Fredonia High School. Within USD 484 you can find almost anything you need for your child including:

  • All day kindergarten
  • At-Risk Programs
  • Special Education Program
  • Alternative Programs for high school students
  • Vocational Schools
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • Student Council
  • Title Programs
  • Pre-K

For those with children that aren’t at the age level to start kindergarten Fredonia offers a district pre-school for those that qualify. Qualifications include low income, SRS referrals, single parent homes, etc. For more information contact the USD 484 Board of Education. Another uniqueness to Fredonia is that it is part of the Apple One-to-One initiative where each student and teacher in grades 8-12 is is issued a laptop. Due to the size of the school (3A) your child has the opportunity to get involved in many sports and arts from basketball, wrestling and cross country to the Scholars Bowl. Contact the school of your interest today to find our more about the administration, curriculum or activities.

Lincoln Elementary School
Phone:  (620) 378.4138
Address: 713 North 9th Street, Fredonia, KS 66736

Fredonia Middle School
Phone:  (620) 378-4167
Address: 203 N. 8TH Fredonia, KS  66736

Fredonia High School
Phone: (620 ) 378.4172
Address: 916 Robinson, Fredonia, KS 66736

USD 484 Board of Education
Phone: 620.378.4177
Address: 300 N. 6th Fredonia, KS 66736


*Photo courtesy of Fredonia School District